• Lorenz von Ehren’s Tree Nursery in Russia

    Trees for Moscow 

  • Lorenz von Ehren’s Tree Nursery in Russia

    Trees for Moscow 

  • Lorenz von Ehren’s Tree Nursery in Russia

    Trees for Moscow 


Lorenz von Ehren’s Tree Nursery in Russia
Trees for Moscow

Your nursery for Moscow and Russia
Trees are a real wonder: grown in Lorenz von Ehren’s Tree Nursery in Hamburg (Germany), they withstand the long journey to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar – all without any loss in quality.  In Russia, they are planted in corporate and private gardens, on streets and in parks – looking as though they have been there all along. 
To fulfil your wishes and tree demands, we have created a special product range for these climate zones.

Look and see! Visit our tree nursery. Please do not hesitate to contact our Russian-speaking colleagues right from the start.  And if you cannot manage an in-person visit, they can come to you or advise you from afar! 
Irina Lohrenz, Oleksii Sharapov, Maksim Schnell

E-mail: Osteuropa(at)LvE.de
Contact: https://www.lve-baumschule.de/ru/kontakt/
  • Park Zaryadye
  • Stadion of Krasnodar
  • Exclusive Garden
  • Garten in Moscow

Lorenz von Ehren’s Projects in Russia

Thanks to our sophisticated logistics and transport preparation, there is no distance too far for our trees to travel.  We deliver "just in time": to Moscow, Volgograd, Perm, or any other city or region – it’s up to you. The only natural barrier is the climate zones.
In our collection, we have a variety of genera, types, and pruning – providing options for each location, whether in a town or in the country! We will be happy to assist you in making your selection. We will be happy to assist you in making your selection: Osteuropa(at)LvE.de

Lorenz von Ehren’s Trees in Moscow and surrounding area 


Zaryadye Park in Moscow
More than 50 years ago, it was the first newly created public landscaped park – directly in the centre of Moscow.  In this 78.000 m² park, inaugurated in 2017, you can see four climatic zones:  woods, veld, tundra and riparian.
Used plants: Betula pendula - (white birch), Tilia - (various types of linden), Picea abies - (ordinary spruce), Thuja occidentais 'Brabant' (white cedar), Acer platanoides (Norway maple)

Stadium of Krasnodar, Russia
Squaring the circle? The box-shape pruned lindens contrast to the circular shape of the stadium. This creates a visual tension across the entire landscape.
Used plants: Tilia (various types of linden), Thuja plicata ‘Excelsa‘  (red cedar), Acer campestre (field marple)

Exclusive Garden in Chechnya
Green retreat in a natural shadow.  Green pavilions and archways in gardens and parks create a haven of tranquillity and invite you to relax and enjoy the day.
Used species: Tilia platyphyllos 'örebro' Pavilion - bigleaf linden 'Orebro', Carpinus betulus 'Pendula' archway - hornbeam Carpinus betulus 'Pendula' semi-archway

Garden in Moscow
In the centre of the residential complex "Etalon City", there is a small garden in which to relax and refresh on hot summer days. 

Our specialists are regularly on-site and will be pleased to visit and to advise you!  Upon your request, they will gladly select the species for you!
Irina Lohrenz, Oleksii Sharapov, Maksim Schnell
Tel: 0049 40 761 08 140
Kontakt: https://www.lve-baumschule.de/ru/kontakt/

Transplanted Trees “trained” for a long journey!

Every year we deliver around 1.5 million plants to their new homes. This means you can rely upon our expertise and experience.  Our trees are perfectly prepared for their journey. This is also the reason why we regularly transplant the trees and trim their root balls to a compact size.  In this way, the tree grows many small fibre roots and, at the same time, allows for faster growth – a clear advantage for you! 

Lorenz von Ehren’s Tree Nursery – an expert for trees 


You are cordially invited to our site in Hamburg or Bad Zwischenahn to select your favourite trees.  Is this journey from Moscow or another Russian town too far?  Then please contact our colleagues Irina Lohrenz, Oleksii Sharapov, and Maksim Schnell. They are in charge for the Russian market and will gladly advise you. 
Contact us: https://www.lve-baumschule.de/ru/kontakt/



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