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Thousands of customers in Europe trust in our long nursery tradition and expertise. As a service-oriented company,  we deliver trees and all kind of plants directly on site: from 60-year-old large mature trees 12 metres high, to specimen plants, topiary, shrubs, roses and perennials.

Trees for Rooms


It is not just the aesthetic aspect that needs to be taken into account when designing green spaces in cities, parks, industrial areas or private estates;  the physical requirements of the specific trees and shrubs also need to be considered. Different locations require different trees and shrubs, according to their needs in respect of the climate, the soil conditions and the designated use of the area. We are convinced that the right tree or shrub can make a place unique.
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  • Country houses and avenues
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Greenery is life!

Greenery not only enhances spaces, but also creates a sense of wellbeing. This is a statement that has been substantiated again and again by studies.

Our trees not only beautify parks, gardens and country estates, but also enhance quality of life in cities, streets and commercial areas.

Exclusive Gardens


A great many plants from our quarters find their forever place in wonderful private gardens and parks. Whether completely new planting or an addition to your inventory: with us you will find exactly the trees and shrubs that will make your garden
unique and incomparable.

Trees of different sizes, hedging elements, solitaries, gnarled fruit trees, topiary plants, and garden bonsais, lovingly nursed and
cultivated by us over years or decades, create living spaces, provide shade, create a microclimate.
  • Exclusive Garden, Hamburg
  • Exclusive Garden
  • Lettland, Exclusive Garden Villa Adler, Jurmala
  • Country House, Exclusive Garden
  • Exclusive Garden, Hamburg

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Like all living beings, trees have high requirements when it comes to location and handling. Therefore, we recommend that private clients work together with
planners and executing gardening and landscaping
companies. We would gladly help you find partners in your region.
With them and ourselves, you will find the perfect trees and shrubs for your dream, green living space. To this end, we sift together through plants over around 600 ha of nursery space. Let yourself be enchanted and make the most of finding your tree, touching it and
individualising it with a seal.
Make an appointment for a visit now and enjoy a fascinating plant safari.
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