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Topiaries of all kinds

Historic parks and gardens are the testimonies of a centuries-old culture that developed in places like Germany, starting out of pure necessity for food production, before evolving into highly artificial but creative works of art. Topiaries, which are typical for
Renaissance and Baroque gardens, are one way of capturing the essence of these time periods
in contemporary parks and gardens.

Topiaries add variety

Depending on their shape, topiaries can add tranquillity or movement to your garden: spheres and cubes have a static effect, while spirals and
winding hedges or paths create a vibrant dynamic. Curved wood surfaces add intrigue and repetitive design elements create rhythm.
Here you are shown only a small selection of our current topiaries. Our wide variety of  topiaries and uniquely expressive solitary shrubs can be found at our nursery. Please make an appointment for a visit now or place an inquiry.
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At present, we are working on a new digital presentation, which shows you our whole range of topiaries. Look forward to extensive illustrated information.

Our most popular topiaries


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