Trees are multitaskers: They provide natural air conditioning, they cool the air, they provide humidity and shade. This is crucially important for cities. But in many cases, more trees are cut down than being replanted.

Yet, it could be so easy. There are so many species and varieties of trees that thrive under the difficult conditions in the cities - and that help to improve the urban climate ! We call them "urban trees of the future" or "climate trees".

And if no "classic" tree fits (or is desired), then a multi-stem climate tree can be the ideal choice. Give it a try!
Since natural forms are becoming more and more popular, the demand for multi-stem trees is also increasing. A multi-stemmed tree has been pruned at a young age. Hence, from the start, several stems are created, located directly above the ground. Multi-stems usually have a vase-shaped crown structure: somewhat narrower at the bottom and broader towards the top.
This gives them a particularly elegant appearance.

With the same trunk circumference, multi-stem trees have a larger leaf mass than classical trees. This provides a higher biomass, thus multi-stem trees have a higher ecological value and provide more shade and moisture.

Multi-stems have a loose structure that can be seen through, making them suitable for sites that need to retain their open, natural character and immediately exude more "green flair". Many landscapers and garden architects choose multi-stem trees because of their loose shape - these trees are real eye-catchers !
A multi-stemmed tree has a little of both. Starting from a tree, the characteristics of a shrub are formed to a certain extent through selective pruning. "In a way", because differences still remain. The branches of a multi-stemmed tree are located directly above the ground. The stems are clearly distinguishable and the branches are set higher. And, finally, these trees grow higher than shrubs.

If you want to know more about the many advantages of multi-stem trees, then call us right away and make an appointment for a digital or physical visit (in compliance with the Corona rules)!

We will show you multi-stem trees at their best!

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