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    Our trucks are on the road to you!


Our trucks are on the road to you!

We just want to reassure you that, despite the economic and logistical changes due to Brexit, we will still continue to be your reliable business partner.
With the experience we have gained over many years of working with non-EU countries, such as Switzerland and Norway, we are confident about the new logistical and economic changes.
Our logistics and shipping teams, in particular, are very well trained and our transport partners will bring your trees to you safe and sound.

In order to make the process of receiving your trees as smooth as possible, we would like to ask you to organise a few things in advance:

  • Please ensure that a customs agent is available/registered for import customs clearance.
  • Please let us know the contact details of the customs agent at least one week before loading. Please note: The Lorenz von Ehren Nursery will not take care of import customs clearance at the moment.
  • Please apply for a PEACH registration number at DEFRA (Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs). The following link will help you: http://ehmipeach.defra.gov.uk/Default.aspx?Module=Register
Please be aware that the current situation can always change and that we might be confronted with new regulations and unforeseeable changes, until all political, economic and logistical processes between the EU and the UK have been clarified.
Let's take it sportingly and simply keep adapting to the changes.

We look forward to continuing our good cooperation with you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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