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Everything in the Green Zone?

The Lorenz von Ehren Symposium scrutinises the consequences of climate change for cities and municipalities
“Do not give up because of the climate catastrophe, but be proactive with our opportunities”, one of the points made by meteorologist and weather presenter Sven Plöger.

LvE is Training Company of the Year

Training company by conviction
The horticultural industry in Schleswig-Holstein chose the Training Company of the Year as part of the national horticulture ceremony at Neumünster city hall on 06 September. The Lorenz von Ehren Nursery based in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lower Saxony was recognised for its great commitment to training. READ MORE

Lorenz von Ehren will not be represented at the International Plant Fair (IPM) 2020

More in-house events: Nursery Lorenz von Ehren renounces appearance at IPM
“IPM is an interesting fair and one where we have happily exhibited but because we are completely realigning our communication structures, we have decided to exhibit only every two years at the IPM Fair,” said Bernhard von Ehren, Managing Director of nursery Lorenz von Ehren. “Overall, we assess every external event in order to find the best way to interact with our clients”, added von Ehren.
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BoBaSt soil substrate and tree species selection for climate-adapted urban tree planting

Hamburg tree nursery provides space, trees and labour for university project
This project investigates how the future urban tree population can be adapted to prolonged summer dry periods. For this purpose, suitable soil substrates are tested in combination with the selection of promising tree species and varieties. A total of 135 trees, including nine different species and varieties and five trees per species/variety in three different substrates. READ MORE

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