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Tree Nursery von Ehren soon to be nationwide

Customer service and customer retention is not only a question of politeness, but also one of presence and accessibility. And it's this that the Lorenz von Ehren nursery is addressing, by establishing new locations nationwide. The show garden in Munich was opened in September 2017 and the show garden in Düsseldorf is currently under construction. 
"We are well represented in North Germany with our four locations" said Bernhard von Ehren, managing associate of the Lorenz von Ehren nursery, "but we see ourselves as being under-represented in other parts of the country.  We are now gradually changing that and have begun in the Munich region." READ MORE

Christmas season!

Lorenz von Ehren continues to position itself on the topic of urban climate

At this year’s, and therefore the 17th Lorenz von Ehren symposium, the main topic was ‘climate change and what it means for the green branch’.
Top-class speakers stood in front of the microphone on 7 September 2017 and spoke to more than 200 guests. They presented their thoughts and reflections on climate change and the related changes to the green branch in an interesting and entertaining manner. READ MORE

Tree nursery Lorenz von Ehren presents itself in South Germany

The opening of the Lorenz von Ehren display garden on 8 September 2017 in Gilching near Munich was a great success and a wonderful experience. 
Around 250 guests accepted the Hamburg nursery’s invitation and received an informative profile of a cross-section of the range. This took place in the nursery garden which was fantastically designed with decorative features. READ MORE

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