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September 2017

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27 London Planes for Alconbury/England

Successful project in England will be continued
The tree nursery Lorenz von Ehren from Hamburg in Germany onceagain delivered large 'London Planes' (Platanus acerifola) to England.In this building phase, 27 trees with a trunk circumference of 70-80cmand a height of around 12.5m are being planted in Alconbury.


Save the Date

'Green urban climate' - the tree nursery Lorenz von Ehren organises a symposium on the subject of the urban
climate and greenery

7. September 2017 is the day. The tree nursery Lorenz von Ehren opens its delivery warehouse for yet another interdisciplinary symposium.


Unique specimens 2017

Lorenz von Ehren presents further showstoppers from its nurseries

Is it too early to speak of tradition? Once again, just in time for the beginning of the year and the IPM trade fair in Essen (24 to 27 January 2017), the Lorenz von Ehren nursery is bringing out its new range of unique specimens. With classic, high-quality presentation, further gems from the nurseries in Hamburg and Bad Zwischenahn will go on display. The current catalogue is available exclusively via personal contact with the nursery.


Website relaunch of

The Lorenz von Ehren nursery is launching a brand new website

At the IPM trade fair in Essen on 24–27 January 2017, the company will press the big red button and the new website at will go live.



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