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Unique specimens 2017

Lorenz von Ehren presents further showstoppers from its nurseries

Is it too early to speak of tradition? Once again, just in time for the beginning of the year and the IPM trade fair in Essen (24 to 27 January 2017), the Lorenz von Ehren nursery is bringing out its new range of unique specimens. With classic, high-quality presentation, further gems from the nurseries in Hamburg and Bad Zwischenahn will go on display. The current catalogue is available exclusively via personal contact with the nursery.


Website relaunch of

The Lorenz von Ehren nursery is launching a brand new website

At the IPM trade fair in Essen on 24–27 January 2017, the company will press the big red button and the new website at will go live.


GaLaBau: High level of trade fair visitors

Quality and quantity of visitors increased once again compared to 2014

The Lorenz von Ehren nursery scores with its key topics of climate change trees and unique specimens, which were announced before the event, as well as its considerably more pronounced omnipresence as a global player in the industry this year. The tree horoscope, which was projected on to the stand, provided an anchor and attracted many visitors, including those who were simply curious.


Up close and personal with climate change resistant trees

The Lorenz von Ehren nursery plants a climate grove

There is a lot of discussion and research, and even a little mystery surrounding climate change, tree adaptation and climate change resistant trees. The Lorenz von Ehren nursery has now planted a climate grove on its grounds in Hamburg, in which 61 tree species classified as climate change resistant can be viewed by visitors.



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